Thursday, March 23, 2017

Where have y'all been?

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Very sure about that?

So I've been watching a ton of playoff basketball the past week and if I've seen one promo for a TBS comedy show, I've seen 1000 of them. Let me just say this, if you have to tell somebody that "TBS Comedy...Very Funny", you probably are trying too hard. It is much like the ugly girl that barely wears any clothes and tells everyone that, "she knows she's cute". No she doesn't. Chances are, that broad knows she's ugly, so she tries to use reverse psychology to get you to think she's cute. When you're telling me that Bill Engvall and Tyler Perry are responsible for comedies that are "very funny"...well, I think my analogy is proper.

And while I'm on a mini-rant...why does everyone hate rappers for "ruining the youth", yet Tyler Perry's plays and movies are filled with just as many negative stereotypes and nobody says a word.

I'll try to post tomorrow after the Rockets game tomorrow...if they lose, it will likely be a profanity-laden post.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Random thoughts of the thoughtless...

So yeah, it's been too long, and it isn't like I haven't had a ton of things I wanted to write about. But yeah, the real world interferes at times.

So I'm going to jump all over the with it.

1) I'm sick and tired of "insert your team name here" Nation. There is no Red Sox Nation, no Longhorn Nation, no Clipper Nation, etc. If I see any lazy ass news organization refer to any fanbase as a "nation" I'm going to lose my mind. You people that refer to teams like this are as annoying as people that tell me the difference between "rap" and "hip-hop".

2) Women are fucking batshit crazy. Let me kicksplain. I'm married. Happily I should add. So anyway, my wife turned one of those "landmark" ages recently. She was a little depressed for some reason. I turned that same age a few years back and threw myself a big party and drank big ass cups of rum and coke all night. I had a pretty damned good time. I digress. So anyway, I check mail the other day and notice that there was a bill from a jeweler that was addressed to her. Since I'm the financial bitch in my house, I opened it, b/c I wasn't aware that this was an expense we had. And the bill was for over 600 dollars. Imagine my surprise. So anyway, I called and asked her about this charge. Her response: "That was my b-day gift to myself for turning __. I'm only going to turn __ once." I told her that I'm only going to turn __ once this August, and even though it isn't one of those landmark b-days, I'm expecting to get a nice 600 dollar gift too. She said I didn't understand. And that is the one part of that conversation that didn't make my head hurt. Moving on...

3) Gotdamn my Hoosiers shat all over themselves to end the season. Kelvin wasn't that damn good of a game coach. I know this for sure. I think too many players (I'm looking at you Jamarcus Ellis) just opened up a big can of quit. And one player lost all confidence. If you're really an NBA Lottery pick, you should have been more trusting in your abilities and game (yes, Gordon, that's all about you). Just sucks that DJ White, a good kid from everything I've read, had to attend IU during the lowest time in the program for the past 10 years. I wish him the best of luck in the NBA and hope he goes to a team with as many good guys as he is (I'd love my Rockets to take him late in the first round).

4) I hope the media keeps downgrading and hating on the Rockets. This team obviously feeds on the criticism. Fact of the matter is--I'd like their chances in the first round against anyone besides the Jazz and the Suns. Probably the Spurs also, but I firmly believe these Spurs are beatable. And I know, the Lakers with Gasol and Bynum could give the Rockets all kind of trouble. I'm just not sold that Bynum is coming back anywhere close to full strength. And before we induct Gasol into the Hall of Fame, let's remember that he hasn' won a playoff game ever. Not a one. I think Scola and Landry can hold their own with him and Turiaf...maybe even win that battle. So until I know Bynum is back to full-strength, I'm ok with that matchup.

That's all for now. I'll try not to be a stranger. And to maybe start uploading photos and what not. But don't hold your breath.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Can we?

I have to admit that I haven't watched one bit of election coverage tonight. If I had, I'd probably lose whatever sanity I had left. Finally getting around to watching City of God (yes, massive late pass for me...I have no excuse) probably didn't put me in the best of moods anyway...and then when I checked and saw that Obama had lost both Texas and Ohio, fairly convincingly in Ohio...well, just say I'm not in the best of moods at the moment.

Problem is, I really don't know why. Fact of the matter--I don't consider the Clinton administration a failure like a couple of my friends. I do think he sold out a lot of the very principles (not to mention people) that he used to get elected (especially the first time when he ran a campaign very similarly themed to the one Obama is running now). But I'm a big boy and I understand that is what politicians do when in office. And let's face it--those 8 years were pretty good for Americans overall. Not great, but pretty good. Better than the Reagan 8 and definitely better than the Carter 4 and GWB1's term. But I also hated (looking in hindsight), that the Clintons basically divided this country into the red state/blue state mindset that we have today. They divided the country so deeply that 49 percent of the country voted for Bush in 2000 and then 51 percent voted for him again in 2004.

And policy wise, I do think Hillary has some good ideas. And I do agree that her having been through the wars would help in a general election. What really intrigued me the most about Obama though was that he was running a different campaign. Was I worried about what they other side would pull out on him during a general campaign? Sure. But I honestly was willing to take that chance--I felt we had to take that chance to have any hope of uniting this country again. And I just have a sick feeling in my gut that if Hillary wins this nomination that I'm looking at more "politricks as usual" and really, there's no winner in that scenario.

Finally, I'm going to pay very close attention (as I have been already) and I don't think I'm alone here--if Hillary wins this nomination, it is not a given that she has my vote. As Tupac said, "I'm not a republican, but don't push me..." Ok, maybe that's not a direct quote...but you get my drift.

I'm going to bed...I'll force myself to read what the pundits say tomorrow.


Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Hanes Field??????

Sam Zell is a smart guy, I'm even going to assume he's smarter than me. But selling naming rights to Wrigley Field has to be one of the dumbest ideas I've ever heard. Do you really think anybody will call it "White Castle Field" or whatever? No. Also, I would argue that a smart company will invest their marketing dollars elsewhere, b/c I know I would think twice about buying a product that the company that slaps their logo on Wrigley makes. If it is Hanes Field, I'll become a Fruit-of-the-Loom guy. If it is Treasures Field, I'll have to go to Centerfolds instead....ok, maybe I'd let Treasures slide--mainly b/c the marketing opportunities are endless. But I digress...message to Zell--sell the team and the stadium, get your money and go about figuring out how to save that dying media (newspapers) that you invested a shitload of money in.

Matter of fact, I've got a great idea. Maybe the Wrigley Company should spend a few bucks for the naming rights and...wait for it Wrigley Field. The public goodwill they would get would be worth the price they paid...of course that's easy for me to say b/c it isn't my money.

Instead of me having to worry about shit like this, I'd like to spend more of my time figuring out of the Cubs will end this "little" drought they've had and finally make it to the World Series this year.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Gene Wojowhateverhisnameis < cake

I figure my first post probably should have been the usual "who I am, what I'll write about, etc, etc"...but I'll get to that at some later point.

My first post is about a subject that is close to my heart--IU basketball. I've caught my fair share of shit lately and it is what it is. My favorite school hired a guy with a less than sparkling rep and it bit them in the proverbial ass. I looked really smart about a month ago when I called Sampson "our Jim Harrick", as I knew that he was a stopgap hire and was likely to do something to get himself fired at some point in his tenure at IU. I didn't know it would be before the end of this season and I'm not sure who IU's "Ben Howland" is that can come in and rescue the program--so maybe the analogy wasn't spot on. Sue me.

So anyway, most of the articles on the Sampson mess have been pretty good, but yesterday ESPN's Gene Wojowhathisface wrote that IU should not only have fired Sampson, but that they should ban themselves from postseason play THIS year. Fuck. That.

For multiple reasons.
Number one: none of the kids on this year's team were involved in the phone call mess.

Number two: IU self-reported these violations, already withheld a scholarship from this year and fired the coach in-season.

Number three: The school hasn't had a violation since 1960--I think they can get a pass--especially considering that they did shitcan the coach.

Number four: This team has a real shot at the final four. Next year's team will be lucky to make the tourney--let's just say what the truth is--we'll take our lumps next year. If we had to sit through Sampson destroying 40+ years of cleanliness in less than 2 years, we should at least get to reap the rewards.

I'm not linking to Gene Wojomacallit b/c the "worldwide leader" gets enough page views...and I'm too lazy to go to the homepage to get the link again.

Looking forward to the love/hate/unrelated posts.

PS--Episode 9 of The Wire is an epic moment in TV. Thank (somebody's) God for HBO OnDemand.